Valentino Siesto

Each cigar is a perfect jewel


Our Promise

The touch, the sight, the smell and the taste are unique to Valentino Siesto cigars. The noise of the cigar burning slowly and the ash never falling down are one of a kind characteristics, giving a superb sensory experience.

The leaves are chosen by our Master Blender, among the best tobacco producers in the Dominican Republic, and aged with patience. Valentino Siesto cigars are, and always will be, handmade by our experienced Master Rollers. Each cigar manufactured with precision.

The Toro, Torpedo, Parejo, Pyramid, Culebra, Pico Pato and Double Capa cigars are unique and exclusive experiences. Each Valentino Siesto luxury cigar is a perfect jewel.


Cigars composition by Valentino Siesto



The Tripa represents the heart of the cigar, that is its filling. It is composed of three different types of leaves:
1. Volado
2. Ligero
3. Seco
These three types of leaves classify the cigar in its strength, in the power of tobacco and in Fortaleza.


Our Story


Valentino Siesto was a jewelery dealer. In 2014 he bought the factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic.  His dream was to create, unquestionably, the perfect luxury “crown jewel” of cigars.

From the beginning, Valentino hired only the best Master Blender, guaranteeing that every leaf coming to Tamboril was treated in the best possible way.  He set up a reserve of valuable and unique leaves that today, enrich Valentino Siesto's production.

Valentino has made numerous investments in the training of qualified Master Rollers who manufacture the cigars with the greatest care. Today, the Master Rollers boast of the obsessive accuracy with which they work.

Since 2019, Valentino Siesto‘s production has reached such a qualitative level, we believe it deserves a luxurious and personal band. Today, we are producing red and blue band with gold writing cigars that marks a milestone in the future development of the factory.



TYPE 1: 




Filler leaves are the heart and soul of our cigars. Located in the center of the cigar, these smaller leaves are responsible for the rich, distinct flavors found in every Valentino Siesto’s cigar.

Binder leaves are wrap around the filler leaves to hold them together, sealing in the bold taste that makes our cigars so great.

Wrapper leaves are the last and outer most layer to our cigars and are the absolute finest tobacco leaves on the market. A wrapper leaf is pristine with no water spots or tears, minimal veins and an even color.



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